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Our Clients' Results

“Helped Her Generate a 67% Increase in Revenue!”

Do you feel like a confident CEO of a real business? Or most days, do you sort of feel all over the place?

Watch this short video to discover how the BoldHaus Collective has not only helped Dee Marshall run her business #LikeABoss… it’s also helped her to generate a 67% increase in revenue!

PLUS, find out the PROMISE she made to a stranger at a conference when she was asked about our training program. (Hint: it will blow your mind!)

“Small Business Growth Revenue Increased 10-Fold in Just 2 years!”

Claudia is a solopreneur who left the corporate world to open her small business in 2016. But it wasn’t until she joined the BoldHaus Collective community that she started seeing actual results in her business.

After joining the exclusive BoldHaus Collective program, her small business growth rate jumped from 11% in the first year, to 164% in the second year and 185% in the third year!

Claudia says, “I started as a solopreneur. I didn’t even have a paycheck when I joined the BoldHaus community. Today we have two full-time employees and three contractors. I credit all of this to Angelique’s business growth training, (the red-velvet rope has saved the day over and over again.)”

Listen to this brief video of how Claudia’s small business growth revenue increased 10-fold in just two years!

“Tripled the Income She Was Making at a Fortune 500 Company!”

Dr. Maria left behind a high-paying position as a serious leader for a Fortune 500 Company to start out on her own as a small business entrepreneur. But her company was struggling, and after investing thousands of dollars on multiple business training programs and strategies, she and her husband found themselves sinking into debt.

When Dr. Maria discovered the BoldHaus Collective program, she was blown away by the content. Promise, Maria, don’t sign up for yet another business training program,” cautioned her husband. But he ultimately left the decision to her and she made the investment.

Since signing up for the BoldHaus Collective, Dr. Maria’s revenue has nearly doubled almost every single year for the last six years. Last year, she brought in triple the income she was making as a senior leader for a Fortune 500 company!

“Doubled Her Revenue From the Previous Year — With Fewer Clients!”

In 2016, Casey’s small business had 3 retainer clients and 21 one-off brand clients. She was exhausted, breathless and panicked about what the ‘next thing is’, and had stopped looking at her QuickBooks because it made her feel “a little nauseated”.

Casey joined the BoldHaus Collective program in 2018, then joined the BoldHaus #Boss group for even more guided mentoring. Since then, two big changes, (and two big decisions,) have happened.

  1. Her “get-out-of-bed number” was raised on the spot.
  2. Her mindset shifted so she could see herself as the CEO of a thriving business.

Because of the BoldHaus Collective, Casey’s small business is skyrocketing today. She doubled her revenue from the previous year and is on track to double it again every year from now forward. And she sleeps better at night knowing she’ll hit her target revenue with just 4 clients and 6 programs!

“Doubled Her Business Year Over Year for the Past Five Years!”

Cathy had 18 years’ experience as a small business owner, during which she had pretty much “flat-lined at six figures”. She was no longer enjoying her business and was nearly at a point where she wasn’t sure she even wanted to continue.

The BoldHaus Collective program helped bring forward Cathy’s CEO mindset so that instead of just creating a job for herself, she could prepare her business to evolve to the highest possible level in her industry space.

Thanks to the BoldHaus Collective, Cathy has learned to create a market of one in the space that she works in —  with no competition — and her business has doubled year over year for the past five years!