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Our Clients' Results

“In Just One Year He’s Closing Five-Figure+ Client Engagements!”

Discover how in just one year, Keith transformed from “mocking Angelique” 😉 and struggling to sell lunch-and-learns, to today having increased his “get-out-of-bed revenue number” by 100x and closing five-figure+ client engagements.

To learn more about the Playmaker program behind Keith’s transformation and success go here…

“Her Revenue & Number of Clients is up 50%!”

Natasha’s revenue is up 50%. The number of clients she has is up 50%. Her revenue with a dream client is up 50%. She no longer has “too many eggs in the basket” with one big client. And yet that’s still not even the best part. Listen in to hear more.

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“Grew Her Revenue Exponentially While Working a Lot Less!”

Would you like to “scale with serenity”? That’s exactly what Nancy did! We even upped her revenue goal an extra $100K. (And since this video, she’s surpassed it!) In fact, she’s grown her revenue exponentially this year. She’s working a lot less. And just wait until you hear what her goal is for 2023!

To learn how to grow YOUR revenue exponentially and the Playmaker program behind her success go here…

“Upped Her Goal to 100% Growth Over Last Year!”

Karen joined Playmaker with a goal to increase her revenue by 50% over 2021. But just 5 months in, she exceeded that goal. So, she upped her 2022 goal to 100% growth over last year. And by October… she hit that goal too, closing another $100K client. Watch to discover the mindset shifts that made this possible…

To learn more about the Playmaker program behind her success go here…

“By October, Increased Her Revenue 50% Over Last Year!”

Christy’s first big shift was letting go of strategies that didn’t work for B2B and were draining her energy (but other gurus swore she had to do!). Armed with proven strategies from BoldHaus, Christy reduced how much she was working and started having fun again. The result? By May 2022, she was already at 80% of her revenue goal for the whole year. And by October, Christy increased her revenue 50% over last year!

To learn more about how YOU can grow year over year and the Playmaker program behind Christy’s success go here…

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