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FED UP with trying to ATTRACT clients to your consulting or services business?

Search no more. Our time-tested, exclusive systems have emboldened business owners globally, enabling them to take control and expand beyond their previously perceived limits.  Say goodbye to the waiting game and take charge of your business growth with our proven strategies that propel you into a realm of possibilities beyond traditional referrals.

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They say that rules aren’t meant to be broken

We say they shouldn’t exist in the First Place

If you’re a consultant, coach, professional services provider or other type of knowledge broker — and you’re in the business of landing and working with corporate clients — adhering to “the rules of engagement” can be deadly to your company.

At BoldHaus, we’re razing the rules of how professional service providers engage and land corporate clients.

We are audacious, unapologetic, and fiercely unafraid to speak our mind.

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"“[Champagne Moment] My first 6 figure contract! The contract landed at $135K, 6-month Strategic Planning Program for their 8 person executive team… When I joined the BoldHaus Collective, I didn’t believe I could do all of this in my business… (my little voice in my head) It’s amazing how much has changed! Thank you, Angelique and Phil for your guidance and believing in me!!!”

"Celebrating 3 new engagements this past month – (one is a multi-year, multi-$100,000s deal), and a PAID! speaking engagement for a great company local in my community (and I’m in a tiny community) that is actually a HUGE company that serves smaller communities… (Angelique – manifesting our small group VIP day client list!) I’m gonna need a bigger bench

"I just closed my best quarter ever! At this rate, I will hit six figures in the first part of Q2, a milestone I’ve never before achieved in this business, and it’s only April!"

This could be you!

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RESULT: Increased Revenue 400%+, Achieved First Ever 6-Figure Contract & Enjoying the Freedom of Exceptional Growth

RESULT: Increased Revenue 3x with Stronger Messaging & Positioning

RESULT: Achieved 3x Annual Revenue Growth, Landed First 6-Figure+ Client & Having More Fun!

RESULT: First-Ever 6-Figure Month + Grew 57% YOY and Reached 9x ROI in Just 10 Months!

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