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We Help Companies Drive Exponential Growth By Harnessing the Power of Collaboration & Influence


We Help Companies Drive Exponential Growth By Harnessing the Power of Collaboration & Influence

Corporate Services

Expert corporate consulting services, sales training & supplier diversity solutions to drive exponential growth for your organization.

We Train & Inspire Your Diverse Suppliers.

They’ll Be More Decision-Maker Ready Than They’ve Ever Been.

Diverse suppliers are a strategic asset to your organization. They bring innovation, speed, agility, responsiveness and cost-competitive solutions.

But after years of getting the same-old guidance and advice on how to work with corporations, many diverse suppliers still fall short on essential skills.

They aren’t 100% decision-maker ready. They struggle to clearly articulate their value. And they haven’t adjusted to the way organizations buy today.

It’s time to change that. And our proprietary Decision-Maker Centric™ Solutions do just that by combining a fresh approach, modern frameworks and bold advice.

Our corporate consulting services include:
  • In-person and online sales training programs.
  • Coaching and mentoring programs.
  • Curriculum and program development.
  • Keynotes for supplier diversity conferences, meetings and other events.
  • Corporate consulting services for supplier diversity teams.
  • Customized solutions to meet your supplier diversity goals.

We Fix Your Team Communication & Collaboration. For Good.

More than 80 percent of the miscommunication and conflict that exists on teams is driven by an important yet overlooked part of the brain.

It’s not about what people know. It’s not about their personalities.

It’s about the way their brain operates — and how they take action.

Once you decode this little-understood driver inside your people, make them aware of the patterns at work, and design your team to account for this, an entirely new way of working together emerges.

Don’t spend one more day dealing with drama. Don’t make one more bad hire. And most of all — don’t invest in people programs that fail to get to the root of the issue.

Our team training services include:
  • Powerful assessments that identify your people’s zone-of-brilliance.
  • In-person and online workshops and team trainings.
  • Coaching and mentoring programs.
  • Team structure and hiring process design for top performance.
  • Executive and leadership team retreats.
  • Corporate consulting services for executive teams and project teams.
  • Customized solutions to meet your team collaboration goals.

We Teach Non-Sales People How to Sell.

Even If They’re Afraid of Selling.

In many organizations — from PR and law firms to advertising and branding agencies to start-ups and fast-growing companies — the reality is that everyone is in sales.

Of course, not everyone on your team got that memo. And many run and hide when the prospect of having a sales conversation comes around.

But what if you could change that? What if everyone on your team had language that came natural to them, as well as a process that felt comfortable?

Because our methodology for sales conversations was built by a former corporate decision maker who dreaded sales meetings with vendors, it’s a completely contrarian model.

It cuts the B.S. and creates a human connection that works even for those who typically run for the nearest exit when they hear the phrase “sales training.”

Our sales training services include:
  • Strategic assessments to unlock each person’s best sales strengths.
  • In-person and online workshops and team trainings.
  • Coaching, mentoring and mindset programs for sales teams.
  • Custom hiring profiles and processes to clone top sales performers.
  • Design of strategic compensation plans to incentivize sales teams.
  • Corporate consulting services for executive teams and sales teams.
  • Customized solutions to help drive exponential sales growth.

We Shake Up Your “Voice of the Customer” Meetings.

And Teach Your Customers How to Become Master Influencers Inside Their Own Companies.

Here’s a fun reality. No matter how great your salespeople are, they’re ultimately only as good as the decision makers sitting on the other side of the buying table.

Because unless those decision makers are effective at carrying your bags through an ever more complicated buying journey — your potential deals will continue to get delayed or lost along the way.

While you can’t make this reality go away, there are some things you can do. Starting with empowering your customer decision makers to be more effective champions, influencers and consensus builders inside their own companies.

And your next Voice of the Customer meeting is the perfect time to do it.

Our services include:
  • Co-creating Voice of the Customer meeting themes, agendas and content.
  • Delivering in-person keynotes, workshops and interactive experiences.
  • Top leaders meeting keynotes.
  • Executive and leadership team retreats.
  • Training your business development team to effectively coach customer champions.
  • Customized solutions to meet your business development goals.

Got Questions?

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