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Trainings and toolkits on topics that will actually help you grow your consulting business. Miles ahead of anything else that's out there.


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Trainings and toolkits on topics that will actually help you grow your consulting, coaching or services business. Miles ahead of anything else out there. Now get going.


Trainings and toolkits on topics that will actually help you grow your consulting, coaching or services business. Miles ahead of anything else out there. Now get going.

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Proximity to Profits

Proximity to Profits™

Big decisions happen in small rooms.
They happen behind closed doors.

This means that if you want to land more clients, you have to be in the room where it happens. You have to be where decision makers hang out.

So how does one do that? It’s a lot easier than you think.
You do it through Executive Roundtables, the secret go-to strategy inside the corporate and B2B world for decades.

And ever since BoldHaus first shared this coveted insider strategy over ten years ago, our clients have been using Executive Roundtables (and their close cousin, Power Breakfasts) to not only fill their pipelines and skyrocket their revenues but also to get inside scoops that none of their competitors have.

Become the expert at hand. Become the expert that’s hired.
With the Executive Roundtable and Power Breakfast strategies we’ll teach you in this on-demand training, you too can engineer access to real decision makers on your turf, on your watch, on your terms. Whenever you want to boost your revenue.

Bottom line: This training is a must-have for both seasoned pros and those just getting started.


Workshop Sundae™

Employee training workshops are one of the most lucrative services you can offer to your B2B clients. Worldwide, companies spend over an astounding $371 billion every year on employee training.

The downside? It can take up to 38 hours to build just one hour of good training content. Yes, you read that right… 38 hours of sweat equity to create just 1 hour of training.

But with Workshop Sundae, we’re removing that downside by giving you access to our suite of white-label, ready-to-go training workshops that you can sell and deliver to YOUR clients starting today. Covering the hottest training topics, we’re serving up everything on a silver platter.

Simply add your logo and other “toppings,” and you’re ready to go. Deliver trainings in-person or over Zoom. Mix and match topics to build half-day, full-day, or even multi-part series. Just like building a sundae, the options are endless!

Workshop Sundae
Build Your Bench Workshop

Build Your Bench Workshop

Give Yourself A Paid Vacation.

When you work, you make money.
When you service your clients, they service your bank account.
And when you take a break, so does your income.
But does it have to?

If you’re a consultant, coach, or professional services provider that works with corporate or other B2B clients, the clever way to SCALE is by building a bench of specialized experts who are on call and can be put into the game — whenever you need them.

In other words: Create a bench as your business’s profit center. The more they play, the more your clients are served and the more income you make.

We think you’ll like this part: Building your profit center is a heck of a lot easier and faster than you think. Our Build Your Bench Workshop gives you all the proven strategies, templates, and tools you’ll need. (Plus, we’ll also teach you how to avoid frustrating and costly pitfalls.)


Discovery Phase Toolkit

Your new potential corporate client wants you to send over a proposal.

Uh-oh! How will you develop the solution they need based only on a tiny bit of information gleaned over a short phone call or one-hour meeting?

Truth bomb: Creating a proposal on very little information is a recipe for disaster — for both you AND for the client.

Here’s a better way: Skip the proposal and recommend a PAID Discovery Phase.

We’re talking focus groups, surveys, stakeholder interviews, strategic asset reviews (sounds scary, but it’s easy), and everything you need to ensure you create a solution that accurately reflects your client’s goals.

All while getting paid to demonstrate a process that shows you know what you’re doing.

We’ve built out a white-label Discovery Phase Toolkit that includes more than 20 customizable tools you can use with your clients. Simply add your logo and/or own PowerPoint design, and off to the races you go.

Ditch the proposals and start using paid Discovery Phases today.

Discovery Phase Toolkit

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