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“Now Frequently Sells Client Engagements at $75,000 & Up!”

by | Dec 3, 2022

“Now Frequently Sells Client Engagements at $75,000 & Up!”

by | Dec 3, 2022

Yulia added in hundreds of thousands of dollars more revenue to her business this year. How in the world did she do that? Because instead of selling programs at $5,000… she’s now frequently selling client engagements at $75,000 and up. Check out the video to hear Yulia talk about how the process of making this shift was nothing like she expected it to be! (Spoiler alert: It was easier and faster!)

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The BoldHaus Collective is a proven training program + high-integrity community made up of conscious change agents and thought leaders from all over the world.

We’ve been building this premier global community for more than a decade. It’s even why we’re called BoldHaus — because our members are the BOLD. And we are their HAUS!

Being a part of the BoldHaus Collective has fueled over 700+ experts and owners of boutique firms to earn bigger PROFITS in their business, have a more profound IMPACT in the world, and enjoy more FREEDOM in their lives.

Our members support one another, open doors for one another, team up with one another, and help one another succeed.

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