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RESULT: In Just 10 Months, Increased Revenue by 50% Year Over Year

by | Dec 7, 2022

RESULT: In Just 10 Months, Increased Revenue by 50% Year Over Year

by | Dec 7, 2022

BOLD CLIENT: Christy Consler
CEO & Founder, Sustainable Leadership Advisors

Christy’s first big shift was letting go of strategies that didn’t work for B2B and were draining her energy (but other gurus swore she had to do!). Armed with proven strategies from BoldHaus, Christy increased revenue and reduced how much she was working and started having fun again. The result? By May 2022, she was already at 80% of her revenue goal for the whole year. And by October, Christy increased her revenue 50% over last year!

Don’t waste your time doing the stuff that drains your energy.

My first big shift happened last year.

I think I was sitting right over there… last year it was my first event and Angelique said something that was just took a huge weight off my shoulders and that was “don’t waste your time doing the stuff that drains your energy” and I had been forcing myself dragging myself across the finish line each week to shoot a video that no one would watch and no one would comment on but I had heard this advice and I felt like I had to do that and it was sucking the life out of me, it really was and so when I gave myself, thanks to you permission to stop doing that.

I immediately felt unburdened and that really helped us give me energy and made me feel like I didn’t have to keep sh**ting on myself the other thing that really struck me is, I’m getting old you know like I’m too old to **** around anymore and you know I’ve done a good job but I was never able to get past like the 300 three 50 mark.

I think it was May I had already reached 80% of my goal and you know I hadn’t like added it up but then I added up I’m like holy crap because I’ve expended much less effort I’ve had much more fun doing it I don’t feel bad or like a failure because I’m trying to force myself to do things that really don’t make sense but I’ve heard they were a good idea and I need to trust myself more and so just making that decision that I get to call the shots yes I am the boss yes I am old enough yes I do know enough and I don’t know.

I think that was huge and then just being in a community and getting inspired by people I’m someone where it has to be if I can see it I can be it I call it my petty motivation in life that it’s like well you know like that’s got me far in life it really has and so it’s so helpful for me and I just I really appreciate everyone’s heart and what you’re putting into your work I think it’s really powerful

Christy what happened for you this year business wise and how much did you grow?
I grew… I don’t know, I think it was like maybe 50%

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