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“Broke Through Her 6-Figure Revenue Ceiling!”

By the time Fran joined the BoldHaus Collective community and scheduled her first VIP Day, she had been in business for about 15 years and was already bringing in a steady 6-figures in revenue.

But her 6-figure revenue had hit the ceiling, and she wasn’t having fun anymore. As Fran puts it, you’ve been in that business for a while and the business is no longer serving you; running the business — it starts to pull and drain you. That’s where I was. I was going nowhere, and then the business just wasn’t serving me.”

Since joining the community, Fran’s mindset has shifted dramatically. She has picked up inside strategies and tools that have won her new opportunities and lucrative corporate contracts, and rekindled the fire she once had for her business.

“If you’re trying to take your business and go from six to seven, from seven to eight, from eight to nine figures, Angelique is the person!”

Angelique Rewers
Angelique Rewers

Angelique is the bold, always blunt, and unapologetic CEO and founder of BoldHaus, a champion for helping small businesses win corporate clients. Having successfully navigated all sides of the corporate buying table for 20+ years, she has a direct understanding of what decision makers look for when hiring outside experts. Angelique was tapped for her expertise by USAID, National Geographic and The Smithsonian to mentor technology innovators across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and served as Uber’s first-ever Uber mentor. She serves on the Advisory Board for Space for Humanity, a global nonprofit focused on expanding access to space for all of humanity, as well as on a committee for the United Nations’ Women Peace & Humanitarian Fund. Angelique has been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., ABC, NBC, CBS, Business Insider, HuffPost, Washington Post, Yahoo! Finance and more. She has shared stages with Hollywood’s Steve Harvey, Shark Tank’s Daymond John, bestselling author Seth Godin, and NFL Super Bowl Champion Jamal Lewis. A Baltimore native and die-hard Ravens fan, she lives in Boca Raton, Florida, with her husband, twin boys, and goldendoodle, Raven. Check out Angelique’s latest media commentary here.

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