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3 New Rules for Selling to Big Brands

by | Jan 20, 2020

3 New Rules for Selling to Big Brands

by | Jan 20, 2020

After AmEx’s recent survey of small business owners confirmed several of the bottom-line benefits of being a corporate supplier, Entrepreneur asked our CEO Angelique Rewers to share some fresh strategies small business owners can use to land big clients.

Table of Contents

Because, even in the face of market uncertainty, big companies are continuing to spend on products and services…

Head on over here to get the 3 new strategies that Angelique just shared with Entrepreneur.

74% of entrepreneurs that AmEx surveyed noted that conducting business with corporate clients has helped them to…

1) Attract and retain employees and
2) Create more flexible financing options…

In other words, landing BIG clients can help offset big challenges that are common to small businesses.

But one thing that’s come up a LOT in Angelique’s conversations with Fortune 500 execs is that things are CHANGING FAST in the corporate environment — and entrepreneurs who want to work with big businesses need to have their finger on the pulse of what’s really happening on the inside.

In Angelique’s recent article in Entrepreneur, she shares the 3 New Rules for Selling to Big Brands. When you read the full article you’ll get…

1. The new strategy for designing face-to-face meetings
2. The new way to proactively speed up the sales cycle
3. The new perspective on corporate innovation

Head on over here to get the new strategies for playing big.


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