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Listen: Angelique Rewers on Onward Nation and Learning to Make Decisions Quickly

by | May 15, 2019

Listen: Angelique Rewers on Onward Nation and Learning to Make Decisions Quickly

by | May 15, 2019

Why does growing a business require us to have inner strength and grit? What does that have to do with making decisions?

Table of Contents

And why is rapid decision making — all day, every day — such a critical part of growing a successful small business?

These are just a few of the topics explored when our CEO and founder, Angelique Rewers, was interviewed on the Onward Nation, one of the best podcasts for learning how successful business owners think and act behind the scenes.

Here’s what else you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The importance of focusing your energy into what you want to create
  • Why it’s all about the speed in which you need to make decisions as a business owner
  • Why you need to have the skill set to navigate the decisions that you make
  • Mastering the skill of critical thinking as a small business owner
  • The joy and success that comes from running straight into challenges
  • The only three problems that you have to overcome in winning clients
  • Why you need to build a business development framework in your business

You can catch the full episode here.


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