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“Her First Client Was a 6-Figure Deal!”

When Natasha started her business, she only had two things: a copywriter… and BoldHaus. (Not even a Zoom account yet.)

But because she invested in the right support, her first-ever client was a 6-figure global consulting deal. (Talk about ROI!)

And every deal since then has been at least 5+ figures and up. Listen in to hear it straight from her.

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“Landed a $400K Coaching Client!”

Through her work with BoldHaus, Tammy has gained the clarity, confidence and certainty to go in front of any organization and have a powerful conversation about how she can help them.

Case in point: using BoldHaus’ proven, proprietary revenue accelerators, she’s now closing higher-quality, higher-paying clients with greater ease, including a $400K leadership development deal.

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“Turned a Small Deal Into a Lucrative 12-Month Coaching Contract!”

Thanks to his work with BoldHaus, Craig “found his voice” and his business is thriving. By focusing on the strategies we teach, he also found it much faster to get coaching clients and to fill his pipeline with quality leads and conversions.

Not only did he use BoldHaus strategies to maintain coaching clients during the pandemic, he also multiplied the revenue he was earning from clients.

Case in point? He transformed a small gateway offering into to a 12-month contract with a large, global company!

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