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LIVE! Ep. 1: Corporate Diversity and Inclusion… Driving Meaningful Change in the Workplace

by | Jun 24, 2020

LIVE! Ep. 1: Corporate Diversity and Inclusion… Driving Meaningful Change in the Workplace

by | Jun 24, 2020

Despite diversity initiatives set forth as early as the 1960’s, a climate of racism and discrimination persists even today in companies ranging from small businesses to large corporations. But with the currently intensified outcry for meaningful change, companies are coming to the realization that the eyes of the world are upon them — and demanding diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The benefits of business diversity, inclusion and equity have been proven time and again, yet recent statistics show that only 4 of the current Fortune 500 companies have black CEOs, and only 3.2% of senior leadership roles are held by black individuals.

Companies failing to recognize the importance of racial / ethnic diversity and inclusion are not only missing out on a large segment of exceptional talent and expertise, but also ignoring substantial bottom-line business benefits such as these outlined by Forbes:

  • 35% greater workplace productivity
  • 87% better decision-making capabilities
  • 1.4 x the ability to increase company revenue

In order to be successful, it is critical for companies to understand that diversity actually drives better overall business performance.

And for many companies who already recognize this concept, their well-meaning diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives often stall out because company leaders are unsure of exactly what are the right things to do or say.

That’s why, in this episode of LIVE! with Angelique Rewers, we hosted an in-depth discussion with three remarkable guests who are bold, transformative leaders in the space of Corporate Diversity, Inclusion & Equity.

These experts are playing a pivotal role in showing organizations how they can take meaningful steps that truly bring about long-lasting change that goes all the way.

Tune in for…

How to finally create a tipping point inside of corporations, companies and organizations when it comes to addressing systemic racism, lack of diversity at all levels, unconscious bias, micro aggressions and more.

Don’t miss this enlightening discussion that addresses these 3 key questions in terms of corporate diversity, inclusion and equity:

  • What are the worst mistakes companies can make?
  • What do organizations need to do to move forward and rectify the issues?
  • What advice should be given to coaches, consultants and other small business owners who might encounter racism, whether overtly or cloaked?

Watch this informative episode of LIVE! with Angelique Rewers below:

You can also catch the episode here on YouTube.

Meet Our Panel of Guests

(In order of show appearance.)


Cornelia Shipley  |  CEO, 3C Consulting

Best-selling author, award winning entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, strategic advisor, and world class trainer Cornelia Shipley is known for helping organizations retain and advance their mission critical talent.

A sought-after professional development expert, her strategies and methods have been showcased on FOX 5 News, CBS Radio, Radio One,, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Washington Post, The LA Times, The Sydney Herald, and the Huffington Post.  Cornelia is the author of the International Best Seller Design Your Life: How to Create a Meaningful Life, Advance Your Career and Live Your Dreams.


Nozomi Morgan  |  CEO, Michiki Morgan Worldwide

Nozomi Morgan is the CEO and Founder of Michiki (MEECH-KEY) Morgan Worldwide. She is known as the bridge-builder helping global leaders, teams, and corporations to overcome the tension and frustration that arise from cultural differences.

Her clients experience a dramatic improvement in performance and speed of innovation through putting heart and trust first and building a culture of excellence beyond differences, borders, and boundaries.


Colene Elridge  |  CEO, Be More Consulting

Colene Elridge, aka Coach Colene’s decade-plus of HR experience, led to her being known as “the fixer”– she’s called to help organizations and leaders create better workplaces, productive teams, and aligned results.

Her career in government focused on Affirmative Action, EEO, and Diversity. She was a successful investigator of harassment and discrimination complaints and implemented strategies that resulted in more diverse and inclusive workplaces. She is the CEO of Be More Consulting, a boutique agency designed to support organizations in creating cultures of inclusion, and developing women leaders.

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