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Scaling Your Consulting Business: 3 Mindset Shifts to Watch Out For When Working with Organizations

by | Oct 17, 2023

Scaling Your Consulting Business: 3 Mindset Shifts to Watch Out For When Working with Organizations

by | Oct 17, 2023

Scaling Your Consulting Business: 3 Mindset Shifts to Watch Out For When Working with Organizations

Starting an expert-based business can be an exciting and rewarding venture, but as your business grows and takes on larger clients, you may find yourself facing new challenges. It is essential to have the right mindset and approach when working with organizations, as the dynamics and expectations can vary significantly from working with individuals. 

All successful consultants, coaches, and expert-based businesses will have to make significant mindset shifts as they scale their businesses and take on organizational clients. In this article, we will discuss three crucial mindset shifts that you should be aware of when working with organizations. These shifts are not just theoretical concepts but valuable tools and takeaways from the BoldHaus Playmaker program, a proven resource that can help you not just scale but thrive in your expert-based business.

Whether you are just starting to work with organizations or have been doing so for years, it is essential to have a clear understanding of these shifts to continue growing and thriving in this crowded industry. By recognizing these mindset shifts, you can better navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that come with working with organizations. 

Shift #1- Beginning to take organizational clients is not starting from scratch.

Often we see people who can’t get out of their own way to grow their organizational coaching and consulting work because they are viewing starting organizational work as if they are starting something brand new. Instead of seeing organizational clients as something “new” see them as an evolution of what you are already doing. 

In the Playmaker program, many people have already made a profound impact working with B2C clients, creating remarkable transformations. Now, stepping into the world of organizational clients is a natural progression, an opportunity to build upon the brilliance you’ve already cultivated. 

Even if you haven’t been working for yourself and instead you are leaving a 9-5 to start your own business, you’re not starting over. Serving organizations through your own business is an evolution from being an employee. See your next steps in serving organizations as an evolution and natural progression of your brilliance… you are not starting over!

Shift #2: Making more money and impact is actually easier

One prevalent misconception often held in the business world is the notion that doubling your revenue necessitates working twice as hard. However, this belief couldn’t be farther from reality, and it’s something we address head-on within the Playmaker program. For example, to achieve meaningful growth and scale your business successfully, it’s essential to let go of tasks and projects that fall outside your area of expertise. 

Imagine this journey as a beautiful symphony. As your business scales, you’ll assemble a team of talented individuals, each contributing their unique strengths and abilities. Together, you’ll form a harmonious ensemble, where everyone plays their part, all while staying true to their individual genius. The magic is that you won’t need to work harder; in fact, pushing yourself too hard might hinder your progress. Instead, discover your entrepreneurial DNA, focus on what you excel at, and watch your success flow more effortlessly as you continue to scale.

In the Playmaker program, we delve deep into these concepts, offering invaluable insights into how working smarter, not harder, can be the key to your sustained growth and prosperity.

Shift #3: Get out of your employee mindset

An employee mindset may have served you well in the past, but when it comes to scaling your consulting business, it can hinder your growth and limit your potential. As the CEO of your own business, you are no longer bound by the limitations of an employee. In fact, we encourage you to break the rules!

The mindset of an employee and a person who’s in business for themselves is very different. When you leave your 9-5, you don’t leave your mindset behind you. It will follow you into your entrepreneurial adventure and secretly sabotage you. And here’s the golden key: success doesn’t come from just thinking like a business owner; it comes from actually being a CEO.

One of the things we do with the Playmakers is to help them think ten times bigger. The reason for this is that when they think ten times bigger, their vision for their next steps becomes very clear and obvious. 

We elevate people from thinking they can bring in a few thousand dollars to seeing themselves bringing in a few hundred thousand dollars. This big vision, and thinking like a CEO of a real company, allows a person to not only be great at what they “do” (deliverables) but to grow a great business and a great team along the way that supports their personal mission and freedom. 

As you embark on your journey of working with organizations, it’s essential to leave the employee mindset firmly in the past. Instead, visualize yourself at the decision-makers’ table, forging partnerships and feeling like equals. It’s about recognizing the immense potential within you and confidently stepping into a leadership role, thinking and feeling like a CEO who shapes the future of your business and the world.

Mindset changes in action

These are profound mindset shifts that can unlock your entrepreneurial success. These shifts are not mere concepts but actionable tools that empower your growth and prosperity. In order to make these shifts, you will not just need to change how you think. You will also need to change how you act, how you speak, and most importantly how you feel and emote. 

Keep in mind that your expert-based business is a continuous evolution that will build upon your existing skills and experiences and require countless iterations in your own personal development. Working smarter, not harder, is the key to your progress. Embrace your unique strengths, envision a future where a collaborative team enhances your vision, and surround yourself with colleagues and mentors who can get you where you want to go. 

With these important mindset shifts you will set yourself up to successfully close organizational contracts and enjoy inevitable success. 


Ani Anderson

Ani Anderson, MS, OT, LMT, CEMP, ICF, ELI is the co-creator of the cutting-edge Sensation-Based Motivation coaching method and co-founder of the Somatic CoachingAcademy. She acts as Senior Faculty for Mindset and Motivation at BoldHaus, supporting conscious corporate consultants, coaches, and experts in creating multi-million dollar freedom-based companies. Ani is the best-selling author of Find Your Soul’s Agenda: The one word that will make your whole life a success.


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