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57 Services You Can Sell to Corporate Clients if You’re a Coach, Consultant or Expert

by | Apr 28, 2020

57 Services You Can Sell to Corporate Clients if You’re a Coach, Consultant or Expert

by | Apr 28, 2020

One of the things I love most about helping executive coaches, consultants, experts and other small business owners sell to corporate clients is that it sets them up for more predictable revenue.

That’s because companies are never done. There’s always another project, initiative, opportunity or challenge they will face tomorrow.

And they will turn to you again and again for help with those things, assuming of course that you play your cards right from the get go.

For example, you need a proven framework for conducting “sales” conversations that gives you the chance to showcase your full scope of capabilities at the outset of the client relationship.

You don’t want to wait until after you finish the first coaching engagement or consulting project to then try for a sales conversation about what else you can do for them. That’s terrible timing, and it will cost you a lot of income.

It’s also important that you think broadly about ALL the tools you have in your coaching toolbox or consulting toolbox to help your corporate customers.

A common misstep we see with executive coaches and corporate consultants is only having one or two arrows in their quiver.

Coaches often think only in terms of one-on-one coaching and team coaching. Meanwhile corporate consultants often think only in terms of strategy meetings and strategic plans.

But in reality, there is any number of ways in which you can “serve up” your expertise to your corporate clients, depending on what strategic problem you’re helping them solve.

The bigger your toolbox, the more creative and responsive you can be in putting together coaching programs or consulting solutions that best address your corporate customer’s challenges, and the more revenue you can generate.


To get you thinking more broadly, here’s a list of 57 service offerings to consider having in your executive coach or consulting toolbox.


  1. One-on-one coaching
  2. Team coaching
  3. Open-door coaching office hours
  4. Coach-the-coach training
  5. Assessments – third party (such as Kolbe, DiSC, etc.)
  6. Assessments – proprietary (i.e. assessments you create)
  7. Stakeholder interviews
  8. Focus groups
  9. Strategic asset reviews or desk audits
  10. Strategic needs assessments
  11. Custom research
  12. Competitor analysis
  13. Market analysis
  14. Best practices analysis
  15. Executive briefings
  16. Strategy days
  17. Meeting facilitation
  18. Internal executive roundtables
  19. Project plans
  20. Succession plans
  21. Communication plans
  22. Long-range strategic plans
  23. Development of goals, KPIs, & measurement tools
  24. Development of vision, mission and values
  25. Design, mapping & roll-out of new processes
  26. Development of new policies & guidelines
  27. Half- & full-day workshops
  28. Multi-day seminars open to multiple companies
  29. One-on-one training sessions
  30. Experiential excursions & team-building activities
  31. Off-site retreats & meetings
  32. Online training programs
  33. Licensed training content
  34. Q&A with the expert sessions
  35. Total curriculum design
  36. Custom training content development
  37. Toolkits, templates & action guides
  38. Train-the-trainer services
  39. Staff augmentation
  40. On-retainer strategic advisory services
  41. Project management services
  42. Framework & methodology designs
  43. Employee & customer manuals
  44. Turnkey, pre-written communications (employees, customers, etc.)
  45. Event design & planning (internal or external)
  46. Meeting design & planning (internal or external)
  47. Video scripting, filming & production
  48. Marketing content writing, design & production
  49. Keynotes
  50. Top-leader meeting presentations
  51. Creation of advisory boards
  52. Vendor & supplier sourcing & selection
  53. Outsourced services (recruiting, wellness programs, etc.)
  54. “Fractional” CXO support (partial CFO, CIO, etc. “on retainer”)
  55. Mobile & web apps
  56. Books & supporting manager toolkits
  57. Branded motivational products

[bctt tweet=”When you have more arrows in your quiver, you can be more responsive to your corporate clients’ needs, create longer-term consulting and coaching engagements, and increase the lifetime value of your clients.” username=”AngeliqueRewers”]

Hopefully this list inspires you to identify several additional tools or service offerings you can incorporate when working with your corporate clients to solve their critical business challenges.

Before you go, we’d love to know what additional service offerings from the list you’re inspired to add to your toolbox. Simply leave us a comment below.

And if you’re looking for help in creating a predictable pipeline, a great place to start is with our BoldHaus Collective program, which provides an all-in-one, cohesive system for winning corporate clients.

You can learn more about the BoldHaus Collective here.


  1. Lisa Rothstein

    Awesome list Angelique! There are a few here I haven’t seen before. When you mention “books”, do you mean books you’ve written yourself, or that you’d help THEM create a book?

    • Angelique Rewers

      Thanks, Lisa! And great question. In this context, I meant selling your books — ideally as a large package to thousands of employees. And don’t forget you can also create a companion toolkit to your book, such as leader’s or manager’s toolkits to help them implement the strategies in the book.


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